Client’s Bill of Rights

1. Client should be informed at every stage of the case.

2. The lawyer should always be honest with the client.

3. All telephone calls from client should be answered by lawyer.

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4. All of the client’s questions should be addressed.

5. The client is entitled to documents in the case which the lawyer is allowed by law to provide.

6. The fee charged to the client should be fair in light of the type of case the client brings to the lawyer.

7. The lawyer should provide services to the client to the best of his ability.

8. If the client is in custody, the lawyer should visit the client at every stage of the case. This includes visits when the client needs to talk about an issue.

9. If the client is not in custody and needs to talk about the case, the lawyer must make time to see the client at the office.

10. The client is entitled to having motions and other court documents timely filed, written to the best of the lawyer’s ability.

11. The lawyer should appear for the client at every court appearance unless arrangements are made ahead of time.